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How to Start Planning for Your Holiday Spending Now

According to the National Retail Federation, “Holiday sales in 2015 increased 3 percent to $626.1 billion.” This was after research predicted people would spend, on average, $830 on holiday shopping. This year, in 2016, I expect these numbers to rise as they typically have year […]


Which Markets Are Best For Trading?

Trading innovation is ongoing and we constantly see expansions in trading instruments used. Markets that seem to be separate constantly interact and we have access to so many interesting opportunities for traders of basically all types, ranging from online CFD trading to simply […]


How to Budget for a House Remodel Project

Americans will spend $310 billion on house remodel projects this year, according to a recent Harvard study. This is an increase from prior years and a good indication that the economy will benefit in many ways from this home remodeling trend. It’s no secret that […]


5 Investing Lies We Believe That Rob Us Blind

We’ve all heard the numbers about investing in the stock market – over half aren’t even investing and Millennials supposedly like the stock market even less. There are many reasons for this, but chief among them are a poor economy and a lack of basic […]